Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Conners’ graduate students are a part of the developmental sciences and/or the cognitive psychology program.

The developmental sciences PhD program is for students who are interested in aspects of social, cognitive, and/or language development and the cultural and family context in which that development takes place.  It is for students who are interested in typical development or atypical development, and who are interested in either basic research or applied research.

The cognitive psychology PhD program is for students who are interested in the study of basic areas of cognition (e.g., attention, memory, spatial cognition, reading, human factors) with the unique opportunity to focus on individual differences such as intellectual disability, aging, autism, and reading disorders.

Both concentrations prepare students for careers in research, teaching, and applied work. Successful applicants have strong academic skills, background in psychology or human development, and a keen interest in research. Each student in the concentrations work closely with one of the primary (core) faculty involved in the concentration of interest.

For more information visit the University of Alabama Psychology Department website or the University of Alabama Graduate School website.