Research Assistants

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Kara Acosta is a junior from Atlanta, GA. She is double majoring in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies with a Concentration in Adolescent Youth Development. A fun fact about Kara is that she works at a toy store in downtown Northport, and in her free time she likes to play videogames and watch cheesy K-dramas with her roommates.
Lauren Bales is from Murfreesboro, TN and is a major in Communicative Disorders and a minor in Psychology. She plans to work as a speech pathologist in a NICU or Autism center. In her free time she likes to work out, especially doing True40.
Jenaveve Beckum is from Phoenix, AZ and is a psychology major and sociology minor. After graduation, she plans on attending law school and becoming an attorney. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with friends.
Hanna Boge is a senior from Birmingham, AL. She is a Chemistry major and a psychology minor. She plans to go to medical school and work in pediatrics in the future. A fun fact about Hanna is that she has dual citizenship with the US and Sweden! In her spare time she likes to spend time with friends and work out.
Sarah Jayne Doty is a psychology and communicative disorders double major from Huntsville, AL. She plans to become a child psychologist specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder. A fun fact about Sarah Jayne is that she danced for 16 years!
Carlin Dougherty is a junior from New Orleans, LA. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. In the future she hopes to work as a child psychologist in a children's advocacy center. A fun fact about Carlin is that Meredith Vierra shouted her out on TV for her 9th birthday on Good Morning America in Times Square!
Andrea Nicastro is a psychology major and biology minor from Pell City, AL. She hopes to go to medical school and become a physician in the future. Her favorite ways to spend her spare time are beach or lake days, especially when there are jet skis and boats involved!
Sarah Oliver is senior from Malaga, Spain. She is a double major in Psychology and Spanish and a Biology minor. A fun fact about Sarah is that she is bilingual and in her spare time she likes to play with her cat, sleep, read.
Marisa Koster is a senior from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a Psychology major with a minor in Social Welfare. A fun fact is that she loves painting, drawing and photography in her spare time. Her future goal is to gain admission into grad school for psychology.
Tara Tischer is a Psychology and Biology double major from Mokena, IL. She plans to pursue graduate school and a career as a cognitive neuroscientist. In her free time she likes to practice her saxophone and spend time with friends.
Ann Marie Young is a psychology major from New Orleans, LA. She plans to get her doctorate in Occupational Therapy. In her free time she likes to sew and do needle work.