About Our Lab

The Cognition and Intellectual Disability (CID) Lab at The University of Alabama is run by Dr. Fran Conners. The lab’s research focuses on populations with intellectual disabilities (ID) such as Down syndrome and other causes of ID. We are especially interested in the cognitive abilities of those with ID. More specifically, the lab studies language, implicit learning, phonological memory, reading, and executive function in ID. We collaborate frequently with Dr. Ed Merrill’s lab, which focuses on cognitive development as well as developmental disabilities. All of the research we conduct seeks to advance the understanding of Down syndrome and ID with the eventual goal of improving the already amazing lives of individuals and families affected by ID.Bottom m row: SJ Doty, Lauren Herrin, Kate Duffley, Chelsea Chen, Gayle Faught; top row: Hannah Benton, Nicola Voss, Alauna Reckley, Catherine Stodola, Fran Conners, Abbi Klopp, Devesh Tupkar; missing: Sarah Amjad, Kristina Baggett, Madison Glatz, Chloe Sellers, Julia Kirkland.